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Choose from over 300+ ceramic pieces! Everything ranging from mugs, bowls, money banks, dragons and garden gnomes and everything in between.


Design your ceramic with any of our 80+ paint colors. Layout your own design or choose one of our pre designed ceramics, We supply everything needed to create your own masterpiece.


We will use a clear glaze to preserve your artwork, our glaze is non toxic and dishwasher safe. We will fire it in our kiln at 1800+F degrees to protect your art for a lifetime.

``Imagination is more important then knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while Imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand `` Albert Einstein

If you are looking for a fun and creative activity for the whole family or just looking for an outlet for your own artistic skills, look no further than Amazing Glaze.

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to bringing out the artistic side in everyone. We have tons of different techniques to try out – both simple and advanced. We will provide as much (or as little) help and advice as needed for you to feel comfortable and confident that your piece of art will be something to be cherished for a long time to come.

We want this to be a fun and unique experience for everyone!

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Share the wonderful gift of painting pottery with your children, a loved one, a friend, or a family member. Nothing matches the experience of painting a piece of art and having a lifelong memory of your experience. Purchase a gift certificate for someone you love today!

paint pottery mpalm bay florida

Paint pottery palm bay fl

MaryBeth Jarrell (Babe)
MaryBeth Jarrell (Babe)
Even if you are not a "crafty" person this is totally fun and you'll wonder why you never tried it! GUYS, they have stuff for you from small to huge, whatever your choice! Just straight out Jupiter! Come laugh with us!!!
Dottie Taurasi White
Dottie Taurasi White
They have a lot of ceramics to paint
Jenny Rozalsky
Jenny Rozalsky
Really cool place to spend fun time with friends and family for a good couple of hours!!! We had it as a Christmas gift from our grandma, and you can’t beat this experience over just ordinary toys! 🤩🤩🤩
Joshua Pizarro
Joshua Pizarro
My co-workers and I tried this place, not knowing what to expect. We walked in and the owner was very courteous. He welcomed us and instructed us on how to get started. We picked our ceramic pieces and the owner checked on us regularly to make sure we were all taken care of. He even gave us some pro tips so that we can get the most out of our painting experience. I was able to finish painting my mug in one day, but I was surprised to learn that if someone does not finish, they are more than welcome to take their piece (ceramic sculpture, plate, cup, etc.) back to their house to finish. Or, a customer may come back to the studio as often as it takes to continue painting their piece, at no extra charge, so that it will look its best before you give it to one of the workers to have it glazed and baked. It was definitely a fun experience and I definitely recommend this place! Loved it! P.S.: I can't wait to see how my mug looks once it is ready!
Alanna Dawn Lee
Alanna Dawn Lee
This place was “Amazing” no pun intended. We went for a work team builder and had a great time! Highly recommend for family, friends or date night!!! 🥰🥰 We will be back!
Carrie McLamar-Miller
Carrie McLamar-Miller
Absolutely the best place to have a birthday party. Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My kids and the adults enjoyed painting and being together. It the environment is great, there is a variety of items to choose from, and my daughter said it was the best birthday party she has ever had. 😊
Kellie Le
Kellie Le
The owners are super friendly and adores kids! Great fun for the whole family. If your kids get bored or tired, they have Legos to keep them entertained 🩷 Friendly and welcoming.

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